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Repair Service

To submit a repair service email or call 303-552-2301.

Have you crashed your copter? Are you having difficulties upgrading your firmware? We can help!

Our technicians have been trained and certified at DJI facilities. With decades of combined experience and our 30 day workmanship guarantee you can rest assured that you’ll be up and flying in no time. All of our repairs are performed in-house at our new repair facility located in Centennial, CO. We stock hundreds of parts for all DJI platforms including the super popular Mavic 2, Mavic Air 1/2, Mavic Mini, Inspire 2, and the Phantom line.


You send email to or call 303-552-2301 and a representative will contact you shortly afterwards to discuss your needs in detail to make extra sure everyone is on the same page!

You’ll agree to pay a diagnostic fee based on the following chart

Consumer AircraftsSpark, Mavic Series, Phantom 3/4*$65
Professional AircraftsPhantom 4 Pro, Ph4 Pro V2,Inspire Series$95
Enterprise AircraftsPhantom 4 RTK / Multispectral, Matrice Series$125
* Does not include Phantom 4 Pro/Pro V2

You'll send us your copter via UPS or Fedex, or drop it off if you are local. One of our DJI Trained Certified technicians will inspect your equipment within 7-10 buiness days, and send you a full and complete diagnosis and repair estimate for your approval. Please do note our repair services are not covered under DJI care plans.

Upon your approval, we’ll place you repair back in que for repair and the repair will be finshed up in 4-7 buiness days. If you choose not to have us proceed with the repair, we’ll send the copter back to you at the service speed of your choice, at our heavily discounted freight cost.

Our technicians will complete your repair, test fly your machine, and maintain well documented records throughout the process for your viewing pleasure upon completion.

A video and or pictures will be sent to you, if you had requested this when repair was drop off or sent in.

Your repaired equipment will be shipped back to you, at the service speed of your choice, at our heavily discounted freight cost.