A lot of people have been asking how to install the Pilot App on the CrystalSky displays. The short answer is, it is already installed. However, you cannot get to it by default so we will walk you through setting up your CrystalSky display to give you access to the Pilot App.

Main Screen

The main screen on the CrystalSky displays will give you shortcuts to two apps, by default, this is the GO app and the GO 4.0 app. 

Click on the Settings button on the bottom to go into the System Settings.

System Settings

Inside the System Settings, you need to tap on the "Launcher Settings"

Launcher Settings

The Launcher Settings lets you pick which apps you want on the Main Screen. Select the pull-down menu from one of the app cards to select the Pilot App.

All Finished

Use the back button on the side of the CrystalSky to get back to the Main Screen and you will now have access to the Pilot App.