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Marco Polo Advanced Transceiver
-24 %
The Marco Polo Advanced Tag Transceiver now brings the advantages of Eureka Technology’s Advanced tracking tags to the RC tracking arena. Waterproof to IP67 standards and housed in a durable, crush-proof, polycarbonate enclosure the Advanced RC product provides the ultimate in crash survivabil..

Marco Polo Advanced Transceiver Mounting Kit (3 Pack)
-44 %
The Marco Polo Advanced Transceiver 3-pack mounting kit provides all the parts needed to easily attach Advanced RC Transceivers on up to three RC aircraft in a variety of configurations suited to your specific aircraft's requirements. Made from rugged polycarbonate, it allows for simple, fast sn..

Marco Polo Ultralight RC Model Tag Transceiver Accessory
-19 %
The Marco Polo Ultralight Tag Transceiver is specifically designed and packaged for RC Model tracking and recovery applications. Its compact size and light weight (.42 oz. – 12 grams) makes it perfect for attachment to all types aircraft, including powered planes, multi-rotor aircraft, sail pl..

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