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DJI Mavic Air Parts and Accessories

The MavMount 2-3.4″ (55-85mm) allows for use of many large phones and mid sized tablets to be used with the MAVIC controller. Any tablet with a LANDSCAPE height between 2-3.4″ (55-85mm) can be mounted. CLAMP ONLY...

Use the MavClip and any lanyard to carry most of the weight of your Mavic Controller with tablet! Everything you need to get strapped in! Note: A lanyard is not included with this item..

PGYTECH Lens Hood For Mavic Air
-40 %
Minimize glare and improve contrast on your DJI Mavic Air with the PGYTECH Mavic Air Lens Hood..
$2.99 $4.99

PGYTECH Mavic Air Travel Case
-33 %
Carry your Mavic Air comfortably and securely with the PGYTECH Mavic Air Travel case. The hard shell shoulder bag keeps your Mavic Air protected from bump and drops...
$19.99 $29.99

Brand: PolarPro
The FlightDeck is a mount that allows you to utilize any display with your Mavic 2, Mavic Air, or original Mavic Pro remote. It is designed without a generic ball-head, featuring our custom built QuickClinch™ locking mechanism capable of 180-degree rotation so the display can be placed at your..

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