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DJI Inspire 1

Creativity Unleashed
The Inspire 1 is a quadcopter capable of capturing 4K video and transmitting in a HD video signal to multiple devices straight out of the box. With its transforming design, 4K camera integrated with enhanced version of Lightbridge HD downlink, DJI’s most advanced technology comes together in the Inspire 1, create an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable.
DJI Inspire 1 - 1345S Carbon Fiber Reinforced QR Rotor - Part 52
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Brand: DJI
DJI Inspire 1345S Carbon Fiber Reinforced Quick Release Rotor (Black) Black propellers - contains 1 each clockwise/counter clockwise Requires DJI-E800 Quick Connectors..
$10.97 $10.97

DJI Inspire 1 - 180W Rapid Charge Power Adaptor - Part 13
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Brand: DJI
35 minutes to charge TB47 Battery with 90% capacity 58 minutes to fully charge. 45 minutes to charge TB48 with 90% capacity, 68 minutes to fully charge. Note: Requires cable cable Part 4..
$74.97 $74.97

DJI Inspire 1 - Battery Charging Hub - Part 55
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Brand: DJI
Small and easy to carry, the Inspire 1 Battery Charging Hub enables you to charge up to four Inspire 1 Intelligent Flight Batteries. When used, the charging hub automatically selects the individual battery with the highest amount of remaining power, and charges it until full before moving on to the ..
$91.97 $109.00

DJI Inspire 1 - Remote Control DJI Inspire 1 - Remote Control
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Brand: DJI
Secondary remote control for the DJI Inspire 1 to enable a second operator for the camera..
$449.97 $449.97

Brand: GPC
Features All our trademarked products are the highest water-jet precision cut. We never cut corners and die-cut our custom cases. Our custom foam is housed in a Seahorse military spec case. We never use no-name cases. Lifetime guarantee , because we only make products that last. Made in ..

Go Professional - DJI Inspire 1 X5 Compact Landing Mode Case
Brand: GPC
We know you have often have restrictions with your vehicle space or at your storage facility. That’s why we offer a square case instead of our typical rectangular ones. This case gives you that convenient quick deploy landing mode option. The case also offers those starting out with the X3 to ..

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