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DJI Zenmuse XT2 336 30Hz 13mm

DJI Zenmuse XT2 336 30Hz 13mm
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DJI Zenmuse XT2 336 30Hz 13mm

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  • 336x256 resolution
  • 13mm lens
  • 30Hz refresh rate

The FLIR Zenmuse XT2 is a dual payload drone gimbal which integrates a high-resolution FLIR thermal sensor and a 4K visual camera. The advanced thermal sensor provides high sensitivity imaging for infrastructure monitoring, energy inspections, firefighting, search and rescue missions, and more. With a fully integrated dual payload, professionals can now capture actionable thermal and color visible data in a single flight, saving time, money, and lives.

The HeatTrack and QuickTrack features make it easy to mark and track objects on your mobile device's screen. The FLIR longwave infrared thermal camera provides high-sensitivity (<50 mK @ nf/1.0) infrared scanning at 640/30 fps or 336/60 fps (depending on the camera model), and has 9 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm, and 25 mm lens options. The visual camera captures 4K videos and 12MP photos.

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